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What is Backup Restore (Enterprise Edition)

Backup Restore (BR for short) Enterprise Edition is a Command-Line Interface (CLI) tool. With BR Enterprise Edition, you can back up and restore NebulaGraph data.

For the deployment of BR in K8s Operator, see Backup and restore data using NebulaGraph Operator.


The BR Enterprise Edition tool is for NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition only.


  • Backups and restoration of NebulaGraph data with a single command:
    • Support full and incremental backups.
    • Support the restoration of a full backup.
    • Support restoration across NebulaGraph clusters.
  • Cloud and on-premises backup and restoration:
    • Local disks (SSD or HDD). It is recommended to use local disks with the shared storage service NFS.
    • Cloud services compatible with the Amazon S3 interface, such as Alibaba Cloud OSS, MinIO, Ceph RGW, etc.
  • Support to view the progress of backup or restoration.


  • The version of NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition clusters must be equal to or greater than v3.5.0.
  • Using BR Enterprise Edition in a container-based NebulaGraph cluster is not supported.

Usage process

To use BR Enterprise Edition, follow these steps:

  1. Install BR (Enterprise Edition)
  2. Back up data
  3. Restore data

Last update: June 16, 2023