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License management suites overview

The license management suites are a combination of a platform and services designed to enable you to obtain authorized access to the NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition database and its associated software. These suites include license purchase services, the publicly accessible license management platform known as the License Center (LC), and the client-side license management service called the License Manager (LM).

NebulaGraph Enterprise (by Node)

NebulaGraph Enterprise (by Node) is a service offered by Vesoft on AWS Marketplace, which allows you to easily sign contracts, purchase, or update Vesoft licenses. For more information on this service, see Purchase Licenses.


Currently, the license purchase service is available exclusively on AWS Marketplace. However, Vesoft plans to expand to more cloud marketplaces for license purchases in the future.

License Center

License Center (LC) by Vesoft is a publicly accessible platform that is used to record and manage all purchased licenses. Its main purpose is to enable you to view your license information through public access, including the license key, valid duration, number of querying nodes, number of storage nodes, and other relevant details. For more information, see License Center (LC).

License Manager

Vesoft's License Manager (LM) is an essential service that operates in the background to manage your NebulaGraph licenses and license the NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition database and associated software. The LM client tool enables you to query and view your license information conveniently from the client side. This information includes the license key, validation period, and the number of resources purchased. For more information, see License Manager (LM).

Last update: May 12, 2023