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NebulaGraph Dashboard Enterprise Edition release notes

Enterprise Edition 3.5.0

  • Enhancement

    • Cluster topology consistency: After scale, no user manual refresh and authorization are required.
    • Cluster Overview page optimization.
    • Data Synchronization optimization.
    • By default, the configuration of newly added nodes is consistent with that of the first node in the cluster.
    • Optimize cluster diagnostic report content.
    • Support changing the port number of Prometheus service in the config.yaml file.

Enterprise Edition 3.4.2

  • Enhancement

    • Support viewing the data backup and restoration progress on the Backup&Restore page.
    • The installation package for NebulaGraph Enterprise v3.4.1 is built in.

Enterprise Edition 3.4.1

  • Bugfix

    • Fix the bug that the RPM package cannot execute nebula-agent due to permission issues.
    • Fix the bug that the cluster import information can not be viewed due to the goconfig folder permission.
    • Fix the page error when the license expiration time is less than 30 days and gracePeriod is greater than 0.

Enterprise Edition 3.4.0

  • Feature
    • Support viewing the runtime log of the NebulaGraph clusters.
    • Support viewing the audit log of the NebulaGraph clusters.
    • Support jog management.
    • Support incremental backup for Backup & Restore (BR) tool.
    • Support the built-in dashboard.service script to manage the Dashboard services with one-click and view the Dashboard version.
    • Add a product feedback page.
  • Enhancement

    • Automatically detects whether the installation package is compatible with the operating system when creating a cluster.
    • Support specifying the NebulaGraph installation directory when importing nodes in batches.
    • Support deleting the installation directory when deleting a cluster.
    • Dependent services are displayed in the importing cluster and service monitoring.
    • Support canceling the alert rule silence midway.
    • Support killing the Graph service processes forcibly.
    • Support viewing and modifying configuration information of multiple services.
    • Support modifying the configuration of the Meta service.
    • Support logging update configuration and delete backup operations on operation record page.
    • Support auto-registration after LDAP is enabled.
    • Detail Log information of the task center.
    • Display browser compatibility hint.
    • NebulaGraph license expiration reminder.
    • Support for Red Flag OS Asianux Linux 7 (Core).
    • Optimize multiple interactions such as connecting to the database, creating a cluster, scaling and batch node importing.
    • Optimize the interface error message.
    • Display the names of the monitoring metrics on the overview page of node.
    • Optimize the calculation of monitoring metrics such as num_queries, and adjust the display to time series aggregation.
  • Bugfix

    • Fix the bug that the selection of monitoring time range does not take effect in the overview page of service monitoring.
    • Fix the bug that the corresponding NebulaGraph file is not deleted when deleting empty nodes during scale-in reduction.
    • Fix the bug that the global language is switched at the same time when switching the language of the diagnosis report.
    • Fix the bug that an import cluster task blocks and causes other import tasks to be in waiting state.

Last update: July 27, 2023