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NebulaGraph 3.5.0 release notes


  • Support managing licenses through License Center and License Manager.
  • Support full table scan without index.
  • Support expressions like v.tag in return statements.
  • Support json_extract function in UPDATE statements.
  • Support TCK format in EXPLAIN output.
  • DML supports parameters.
  • Enhance full-text index.


  • Support TTL in milliseconds.
  • Enhance attribute trimming in aggregation functions.
  • Improve the performance of traversal executor.
  • Optimize FIND ALL PATH performance.
  • Removes some Raft locks to improve performance.
  • Optimize predicate function filtering for variable-length edges.
  • Parallel traversal executor.
  • MATCH supports ID collection.
  • Refactor the GO planner.
  • Add some Graph performance options in the configuration file.
  • Add maximum connection number flag.
  • Support variable when seeking vertex id or property index in match clause.

Bug fixes

  • Fix the defect where RocksDB data import invalidates the leader lease.
  • Fix the error message when DESC USER does not exist.
  • Fix the defect where CREATE IF NOT EXIST fails when SPACE exists.
  • Fix the incorrect edge direction in GetNeighbors plan.
  • Fix the client IP format in the SHOW SESSIONS command.
  • Fix the defect where attributes are pruned in USE and MATCH.
  • Fix the defect where the filter is not pushed down in some cases.
  • Fix the defect where the filter is incorrectly filtered in some cases.
  • Fix the incorrect handling of internal variables in pattern expressions.
  • Fix defects involving EMPTY comparisons.
  • Fix the defect where duplicate columns are returned when all columns are requested in MATCH.
  • Fix the error in comparing paths involving reflexive edges.
  • Fix the defect of redefining aliases in a MATCH path.
  • Fix the type check defect when inserting geographical location values.
  • Fix the crash in a shortest path.
  • Fix the crash in GEO.
  • Fix the bug that caused storage crash during logical expression evaluation.
  • Fix the error in MATCH...contains.
  • Fix the bug of incorrect session count in concurrency.
  • Fix the defect of SUBGRAPH and PATH parameters.
  • Fix the defect in regular expressions.
  • Fix the issue with non-expression pushing down.
  • Fixed the bug of slaving cluster.


  • Disable edge list join, not supporting the use of edge list in multiple patterns.
  • Remove GLR parser, needs to change YIELD 1–-1 to YIELD 1– -1.

Legacy versions

Release notes of legacy versions

Last update: July 3, 2023