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NebulaGraph Go

NebulaGraph Go is a Golang client for connecting to and managing the NebulaGraph database.


You have installed Golang 1.13 or later versions.

Compatibility with NebulaGraph

See github.

Download NebulaGraph Go

  • (Recommended) To install a specific version of NebulaGraph Go, use the Git option --branch to specify the branch. For example, to install v3.5.0, run the following command:

    $ git clone --branch release-3.5
  • To install the daily development version, run the following command to download the source code from the master branch:

    $ git clone

Install or update

Run the following command to install or update NebulaGraph Go:

$ go get -u -v

Core of the example code

The NebulaGraph GO client provides both Connection Pool and Session Pool, using Connection Pool requires the user to manage the session instances.

Last update: July 21, 2023