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Purchase a NebulaGraph license

To utilize the features of the NebulaGraph database and associated software, you must obtain a NebulaGraph license. The license can be procured either via the cloud marketplace or by directly contacting Vesoft sales.

Currently, AWS Marketplace is the only cloud marketplace from which a license can be obtained. This article assists you in purchasing a NebulaGraph license on the AWS Marketplace.


You have registered an AWS Marketplace account and logged in.



Before purchasing a license on the AWS Marketplace, it is recommended that you contact Vesoft sales for detailed information about the license.

  1. Open the AWS Marketplace NebulaGraph Enterprise (by Node) service page.
  2. Click View purchase options to enter the license purchase contract signing page.
  3. Configure the contract items, which include the license validity period, auto-renewal setting, and the number of nodes to be purchased.

    • How long do you want your contract to run: Choose the validity period for the license, either 1 month or 1 year.
    • Renewal Settings: Whether to automatically renew the license after its validity period.
      • Yes: The license will be automatically renewed after its validity period.
      • No: The license will not be automatically renewed after its validity period.
    • Contract Options: Select the number of resources to purchase, currently supporting the purchase of query nodes and storage nodes.
  4. Click Create contract.

  5. In the pop-up panel, confirm purchase information and click Pay now.
  6. Click Set up your account for LC registration and to start managing the license. For details, see set up an LC account.

    You can view the license information on LC.


    Once the registration process is finished, you will receive an email from Vesoft within one business day containing the complete NebulaGraph packages, which include not only the database, but also other software such as LM, NebulaGraph Explorer, and more.

Next to do

After purchasing a license, you must generate a license key and then load it into the LM service. Following this, the NebulaGraph database and its associated software will verify the validity of the license key through the LM service at startup. If the license key is valid, the NebulaGraph database and associated software can operate normally. The following steps describe how to generate and load a license key:

For more information about how to use a license, see Licensing process.

Last update: July 5, 2023