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NebulaGraph Java

NebulaGraph Java is a Java client for connecting to and managing the NebulaGraph database.


You have installed Java 8.0 or later versions.

Compatibility with NebulaGraph

See github.

Download NebulaGraph Java

  • (Recommended) To install a specific version of NebulaGraph Java, use the Git option --branch to specify the branch. For example, to install v3.5.0, run the following command:

    $ git clone --branch release-3.5
  • To install the daily development version, run the following command to download the source code from the master branch:

    $ git clone

Use NebulaGraph Java


We recommend that each thread uses one session. If multiple threads use the same session, the performance will be reduced.

When importing a Maven project with tools such as IDEA, set the following dependency in pom.xml.


3.0.0-SNAPSHOT indicates the daily development version that may have unknown issues. We recommend that you replace 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT with a released version number to use a table version.


If you cannot download the dependency for the daily development version, set the following content in pom.xml. Released versions have no such issue.


If there is no Maven to manage the project, manually download the JAR file to install NebulaGraph Java.

Core of the example code

The NebulaGraph Java client provides both Connection Pool and Session Pool modes, using Connection Pool requires the user to manage session instances.

Last update: June 13, 2023