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NebulaGraph Explorer release notes


  • Bugfix

    • Fix wrong links.
    • Fix wrong text.
    • Remove deprecated tool components.


  • Feature

    • Support for using workflows via NFS configuration.
    • Allow users to personalize the product, including the page logo and product name.
    • Import data supports historical task re-import, and the data source type supports cloud and SFTP.
    • Support for the new License.


  • Feature

    • Support viewing the creation statements of the schema.
    • Add a Beta functions switch button on the global settings page.
    • Add a product feedback page.
  • Enhancement

    • Remove the timeout limit for slow queries.
    • Keep history on the console page after switching pages.
    • Support adding comments with # on the console page.
    • Support adding comments with # or // when creating nGQL templates.
    • Update the global settings page.
    • Support the visual modification of the IP whitelist.
    • Show VID on canvas by default.
    • Display browser compatibility hints.
    • Show the kernel version in the connection information.
    • Add indexes to the built-in dataset.
    • Optimize the login page.
    • Optimize Workflow:
      • Add algorithm descriptions.
      • Optimize the parameter configurations of the graph algorithm.
      • Optimize the presentation of the result.
    • Optimize interactions:
      • Vertex filter
      • Query by tag
      • Search path
    • Optimize presentations:
      • Optimize the presentation of schema statistics.
      • Optimize the layout of force.
      • Optimize the layout of the visual query results after importing them to the canvas.
      • Optimize the presentation of vertices on dangling edges.
      • Optimize the console page.
    • Optimize hints:
      • Optimize guidances.
      • Optimize error messages.
  • Bugfix

    • Fix the bug that can not be able to view the import task log.
    • Fix the bug that some data of the edges in the demo_basketballplayer dataset is missing.
    • Fix the crash of the page.
    • Fix the bug that the results of the graph algorithm in the workflow can not show the details of vertices after importing them to canvas.

Last update: August 1, 2023