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Does NebulaGraph Operator support the v1.x version of NebulaGraph?

No, because the v1.x version of NebulaGraph does not support DNS, and NebulaGraph Operator requires the use of DNS.

Is cluster stability guaranteed if using local storage?

There is no guarantee. Using local storage means that the Pod is bound to a specific node, and NebulaGraph Operator does not currently support failover in the event of a failure of the bound node.

How to ensure the stability of a cluster when scaling the cluster?

It is suggested to back up data in advance so that you can roll back data in case of failure.

Is the replica in the Operator docs the same as the replica in the NebulaGraph core docs?

They are different concepts. A replica in the Operator docs indicates a pod replica in K8s, while a replica in the core docs is a replica of a NebulaGraph storage partition.

Last update: February 19, 2024