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This topic describes some of the limitations of using Exchange 3.x.

JAR packages are available in two ways: compile them yourself or download them from the Maven repository.

If you are using NebulaGraph 1.x, use NebulaGraph Exchange 1.x.


Exchange 3.x supports the following operating systems:

  • CentOS 7
  • macOS

Software dependencies

To ensure the healthy operation of Exchange, ensure that the following software has been installed on the machine:

  • Java version 1.8
  • Scala version 2.10.7, 2.11.12, or 2.12.10
  • Apache Spark. The requirements for Spark versions when using Exchange to export data from data sources are as follows. In the following table, Y means that the corresponding Spark version is supported, and N means not supported.


    Use the correct Exchange JAR file based on the Spark version. For example, for Spark version 2.4, use nebula-exchange_spark_2.4-3.4.0.jar.

    Data source Spark 2.2 Spark 2.4 Spark 3
    CSV file Y N Y
    JSON file Y Y Y
    ORC file Y Y Y
    Parquet file Y Y Y
    HBase Y Y Y
    MySQL Y Y Y
    PostgreSQL Y Y Y
    Oracle Y Y Y
    ClickHouse Y Y Y
    Neo4j N Y N
    Hive Y Y Y
    MaxCompute N Y N
    Pulsar N Y Untested
    Kafka N Y Untested
    NebulaGraph N Y N

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) needs to be deployed in the following scenarios:

  • Migrate HDFS data
  • Generate SST files

Last update: February 19, 2024