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Canvas snapshots

Explorer provides a snapshot feature that lets you store the visualized canvas data so that the data can be restored when your browser is opened again.

Create snapshots

  1. In the upper right corner of a canvas page, click the camera icon snapshot.
  2. Fill in the snapshot name and notes (optional).
  3. Click submit.


Created snapshots are stored on the snapshot list page. For more information, see below.

Historical snapshots


Up to 50 snapshots can be stored in the snapshot list currently.

In the left navigation bar of the Explorer page, click snapshot_history to enter the Snapshot page. You can switch graph spaces and view the historical snapshots of the corresponding graph space. You can also import snapshots to a canvas, download canvas snapshots to your local drive, and delete snapshots.

Under the Operation column to the right of the target snapshot, you are enabled to:

  • Click snapshot_import to import a historical snapshot to a new canvas.
  • Click snapshot_export to download a snapshot in JSON format locally.
  • Click snapshot_delete to delete a snapshot.

At the top left of the Snapshot page, click Import Snapshot to import previously downloaded files in JSON format to the Snapshot page for sharing the snapshot data offline. The system automatically places the imported snapshots in the corresponding graph space based on the graph space information recorded in the JSON file.

Last update: February 19, 2024