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NebulaGraph learning path

This topic is for anyone interested in learning more about NebulaGraph. You can master NebulaGraph from zero to hero through the documentation and videos in NebulaGraph learning path.

learning path

After completing the NebulaGraph learning path, taking NebulaGraph Certification exams will earn you certifications. For more information, see the Get NebulaGraph Certifications section below.

1. About NebulaGraph

1.1 What is NebulaGraph?

Document Video
What is NebulaGraph NebulaGraph

1.2 Data models

Data modeling

1.3 Path


1.4 NebulaGraph architecture

Meta service
Graph service
Storage service

2. Quick start

2.1 Install NebulaGraph

Document Video
Install with a RPM or DEB package -
Install with a TAR package -
Install with Docker Install NebulaGraph with Docker and Docker Compose
Install from source Install NebulaGraph with Source Code

2.2 Start NebulaGraph

Start and stop NebulaGraph

2.3 Connect to NebulaGraph

Connect to NebulaGraph

2.4 Use nGQL statements

nGQL cheatsheet

3. Hands-on practices

3.1 Deploy a multi-machine cluster

Deploy a NebulaGraph cluster with RPM/DEB

3.2 Upgrade NebulaGraph

Upgrade NebulaGraph to release-3.4

3.3 Configure NebulaGraph

Configure Meta
Configure Graph
Configure Storage
Configure Linux kernel

3.4 Configure logs

Log managements

3.5 O&M and Management

  • SSL encryption


3.6 Performance tuning

Graph data modeling suggestions
System design suggestions

3.7 Derivative software

4. API & SDK


5. Best practices

Handling Tens of Billions of Threat Intelligence Data with Graph Database at Kuaishou
Import data from Neo4j to NebulaGraph via NebulaGraph Exchange: Best Practices
Hands-On Experience: Import Data to NebulaGraph with Spark
How to Select a Graph Database: Best Practices at RoyalFlush
Practicing NebulaGraph Operator on Cloud
Using Ansible to Automate Deployment of NebulaGraph Cluster

6. FAQ


7. Practical tasks

You can check if you have mastered NebulaGraph by completing the following practical tasks.

Task Reference
Compile the source code of NebulaGraph Install NebulaGraph by compiling the source code
Deploy Studio, Dashboard, and Explorer Deploy Studio, Deploy Dashboard, and Deploy Explorer
Load test NebulaGraph with K6 NebulaGraph Bench
Query LDBC data (such as queries for vertices, paths, or subgraphs.) LDBC and interactive-short-1.cypher

8. Get NebulaGraph Certifications

Now you could get NebulaGraph Certifications from NebulaGraph Academy.

  • NebulaGraph Certified Insider(NGCI): The NGCI certification provides a birdview to graph databases and the NebulaGraph database. Passing NGCI shows that you have a good understanding of NebulaGraph.
  • NebulaGraph Certified Professional(NGCP): The NGCP certification drives you deep into the NebulaGraph database and its ecosystem, providing a 360-degree view of the leading-edge graph database. Passing NGCP proves that you are a professional with a profound understanding of NebulaGraph.

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Last update: February 19, 2024