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Upgrade NebulaGraph v3.x to v3.4.1

To upgrade NebulaGraph v3.x to v3.4.1, you only need to use the RPM/DEB package of v3.4.1 for the upgrade, or compile it and then reinstall.


Before upgrading a NebulaGraph cluster with full-text indexes deployed, you must manually delete the full-text indexes in Elasticsearch, and then run the SIGN IN command to log into ES and recreate the indexes after the upgrade is complete. To manually delete the full-text indexes in Elasticsearch, you can use the curl command curl -XDELETE -u <es_username>:<es_password> '<es_access_ip>:<port>/<fullindex_name>', for example, curl -XDELETE -u elastic:elastic ''. If no username and password are set for Elasticsearch, you can omit the -u <es_username>:<es_password> part.

Upgrade steps with RPM/DEB packages

  1. Download the RPM/DEB package.

  2. Stop all NebulaGraph services. For details, see Manage NebulaGraph Service. It is recommended to back up the configuration file before updating.


    If you want to use the vertex without tags, add --graph_use_vertex_key=true to the configuration files (nebula-graphd.conf) of all Graph services in the cluster, add --use_vertex_key=true to the configuration files (nebula-storaged.conf) of all Storage services in the cluster.

  3. Execute the following command to upgrade:

    • RPM package
      $ sudo rpm -Uvh <package_name>

      If you specify the path during installation, you also need to specify the path during upgrade.

      $ sudo rpm -Uvh --prefix=<installation_path> <package_name>
    • DEB package
      $ sudo dpkg -i <package_name>
  4. Start the required services on each server. For details, see Manage NebulaGraph Service.

Upgrade steps by compiling the new source code

  1. Back up the old version of the configuration file. The configuration file is saved in the etc directory of the NebulaGraph installation path.

  2. Update the repository and compile the source code. For details, see Install NebulaGraph by compiling the source code.


    When compiling, set the installation path, which is the same as the installation path of the old version.

Upgrade steps by deploying Docker Compose

  1. Modify the file docker-compose.yaml in the directory nebula-docker-compose, and modify all versions after image to release-3.4.

  2. Execute the command docker-compose pull in the directory nebula-docker-compose to update the images of all services.

  3. Execute the command docker-compose down to stop the NebulaGraph service.

  4. Execute the command docker-compose up -d to start the NebulaGraph service.

Last update: February 19, 2024