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Upgrade NebulaGraph Operator

Legacy version compatibility

  • Does not support upgrading 0.9.0 and below version NebulaGraph Operator to 1.x.
  • The 1.x version NebulaGraph Operator is not compatible with NebulaGraph of version below v3.x.


  1. View the current version of NebulaGraph Operator.

    helm list --all-namespaces

    Example output:

    NAME              NAMESPACE               REVISION    UPDATED                                 STATUS      CHART                   APP VERSION
    nebula-operator   nebula-operator-system  3           2023-11-06 12:06:24.742397418 +0800 CST deployed    nebula-operator-1.7.0   1.7.0
  2. Update the information of available charts locally from chart repositories.

    helm repo update
  3. View the latest version of NebulaGraph Operator.

    helm search repo nebula-operator/nebula-operator

    Example output:

    NAME                              CHART VERSION   APP VERSION DESCRIPTION
    nebula-operator/nebula-operator   1.8.0           1.8.0       Nebula Operator Helm chart for Kubernetes
  4. Upgrade NebulaGraph Operator to version 1.8.0.

    helm upgrade nebula-operator nebula-operator/nebula-operator --namespace=<namespace_name> --version=1.8.0

    For example:

    helm upgrade nebula-operator nebula-operator/nebula-operator --namespace=nebula-operator-system --version=1.8.0


    Release "nebula-operator" has been upgraded. Happy Helming!
    NAME: nebula-operator
    LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Apr 16 02:21:08 2022
    NAMESPACE: nebula-operator-system
    STATUS: deployed
    TEST SUITE: None
    NebulaGraph Operator installed!
  5. Pull the latest CRD configuration file.


    You need to upgrade the corresponding CRD configurations after NebulaGraph Operator is upgraded. Otherwise, the creation of NebulaGraph clusters will fail. For information about the CRD configurations, see apps.nebula-graph.io_nebulaclusters.yaml.

    1. Pull the NebulaGraph Operator chart package.

      helm pull nebula-operator/nebula-operator --version=1.8.0
      • --version: The NebulaGraph Operator version you want to upgrade to. If not specified, the latest version will be pulled.
    2. Run tar -zxvf to unpack the charts.

      For example: To unpack v1.8.0 chart to the /tmp path, run the following command:

      tar -zxvf nebula-operator-1.8.0.tgz -C /tmp
      • -C /tmp: If not specified, the chart files will be unpacked to the current directory.
  6. Apply the latest CRD configuration file in the nebula-operator directory.

    kubectl apply -f crds/nebulaclusters.yaml

    Output: configured

Last update: November 28, 2023