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Manage NebulaGraph Service

NebulaGraph supports managing services with scripts.

Manage services with script

You can use the nebula.service script to start, stop, restart, terminate, and check the NebulaGraph services.


nebula.service is stored in the /usr/local/nebula/scripts directory by default. If you have customized the path, use the actual path in your environment.


$ sudo /usr/local/nebula/scripts/nebula.service
[-v] [-c <config_file_path>]
<start | stop | restart | kill | status>
<metad | graphd | storaged | all>
Parameter Description
-v Display detailed debugging information.
-c Specify the configuration file path. The default path is /usr/local/nebula/etc/.
start Start the target services.
stop Stop the target services.
restart Restart the target services.
kill Terminate the target services.
status Check the status of the target services.
metad Set the Meta Service as the target service.
graphd Set the Graph Service as the target service.
storaged Set the Storage Service as the target service.
all Set all the NebulaGraph services as the target services.

Start NebulaGraph

Run the following command to start NebulaGraph.

$ sudo /usr/local/nebula/scripts/nebula.service start all
[INFO] Starting nebula-metad...
[INFO] Done
[INFO] Starting nebula-graphd...
[INFO] Done
[INFO] Starting nebula-storaged...
[INFO] Done

Stop NebulaGraph


Do not run kill -9 to forcibly terminate the processes. Otherwise, there is a low probability of data loss.

Run the following command to stop NebulaGraph.

$ sudo /usr/local/nebula/scripts/nebula.service stop all
[INFO] Stopping nebula-metad...
[INFO] Done
[INFO] Stopping nebula-graphd...
[INFO] Done
[INFO] Stopping nebula-storaged...
[INFO] Done

Check the service status

Run the following command to check the service status of NebulaGraph.

$ sudo /usr/local/nebula/scripts/nebula.service status all
  • NebulaGraph is running normally if the following information is returned.

    INFO] nebula-metad(33fd35e): Running as 29020, Listening on 9559
    [INFO] nebula-graphd(33fd35e): Running as 29095, Listening on 9669
    [WARN] nebula-storaged after v3.0.0 will not start service until it is added to cluster.
    [WARN] See Manage Storage hosts:ADD HOSTS in
    [INFO] nebula-storaged(33fd35e): Running as 29147, Listening on 9779


    After starting NebulaGraph, the port of the nebula-storaged process is shown in red. Because the nebula-storaged process waits for the nebula-metad to add the current Storage service during the startup process. The Storage works after it receives the ready signal. Starting from NebulaGraph 3.0.0, the Meta service cannot directly read or write data in the Storage service that you add in the configuration file. The configuration file only registers the Storage service to the Meta service. You must run the ADD HOSTS command to enable the Meta to read and write data in the Storage service. For more information, see Manage Storage hosts.

  • If the returned result is similar to the following one, there is a problem. You may also go to the NebulaGraph community for help.
    [INFO] nebula-metad: Running as 25600, Listening on 9559
    [INFO] nebula-graphd: Exited
    [INFO] nebula-storaged: Running as 25646, Listening on 9779

The NebulaGraph services consist of the Meta Service, Graph Service, and Storage Service. The configuration files for all three services are stored in the /usr/local/nebula/etc/ directory by default. You can check the configuration files according to the returned result to troubleshoot problems.

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Last update: October 25, 2023