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Install NebulaGraph Operator

You can deploy NebulaGraph Operator with Helm.


NebulaGraph Operator automates the management of NebulaGraph clusters, and eliminates the need for you to install, scale, upgrade, and uninstall NebulaGraph clusters, which lightens the burden on managing different application versions.


Before installing NebulaGraph Operator, you need to install the following software and ensure the correct version of the software :

Software Requirement
Kubernetes >= 1.18
Helm >= 3.2.0
CoreDNS >= 1.6.0


  • If using a role-based access control policy, you need to enable RBAC (optional).
  • CoreDNS is a flexible and scalable DNS server that is installed for Pods in NebulaGraph clusters.


  1. Add the NebulaGraph Operator Helm repository.

    helm repo add nebula-operator
  2. Update information of available charts locally from repositories.

    helm repo update

    For more information about helm repo, see Helm Repo.

  3. Create a namespace for NebulaGraph Operator.

    kubectl create namespace <namespace_name>

    For example, run the following command to create a namespace named nebula-operator-system.

    kubectl create namespace nebula-operator-system

    All the resources of NebulaGraph Operator are deployed in this namespace.

  4. Install NebulaGraph Operator.

    helm install nebula-operator nebula-operator/nebula-operator --namespace=<namespace_name> --version=${chart_version}

    For example, the command to install NebulaGraph Operator of version 1.8.0 is as follows.

    helm install nebula-operator nebula-operator/nebula-operator --namespace=nebula-operator-system --version=1.8.0

    1.8.0 is the version of the nebula-operator chart. When not specifying --version, the latest version of the nebula-operator chart is used by default.

    Run helm search repo -l nebula-operator to see chart versions.

    You can customize the configuration items of the NebulaGraph Operator chart before running the installation command. For more information, see Customize installation defaults.

  5. View the information about the default-created CRD.

    kubectl get crd


    NAME                                                 CREATED AT        2023-11-01T04:16:51Z                  2023-10-12T07:55:32Z                  2023-02-04T23:01:00Z

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Last update: November 15, 2023