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Update NebulaGraph Operator

This topic introduces how to update the configuration of NebulaGraph Operator.


  1. Update the information of available charts locally from chart repositories.

    helm repo update
  2. View the default values of NebulaGraph Operator.

    helm show values nebula-operator/nebula-operator
  3. Update NebulaGraph Operator by passing configuration parameters via --set.

    For example, to enable the AdmissionWebhook, run the following command:

    helm upgrade nebula-operator nebula-operator/nebula-operator --namespace=nebula-operator-system --version=1.8.0 --set admissionWebhook.create=true

    For more information, see Helm upgrade.

  4. Check whether the configuration of NebulaGraph Operator is updated successfully.

    helm get values nebula-operator -n nebula-operator-system

    Example output:

      create: true

Last update: January 30, 2024