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Connect Dashboard

After Dashboard is deployed, you can log in and use Dashboard on the browser.


  • The Dashboard services are started. For more information, see Deploy Dashboard.
  • We recommend you to use the Chrome browser of the version above 89. Otherwise, there may be compatibility issues.


  1. Confirm the IP address of the machine where the Dashboard is installed. Enter http://<ip_address>:7005 in the browser to open the login page.

    If the following login interface is shown in the browser, then you have successfully deployed and started Dashboard.



    When logging into the NebulaGraph Dashboard Enterprise Edition for the first time, the content of END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT is displayed on the login page. Please read it and then click I Agree.

  2. Log into Dashboard with the default account name nebula and password nebula.


    You can create LDAP, OAuth2.0 or general accounts after log into Dashboard. For more information about the Dashboard account, see Authority Management.

Last update: February 19, 2024