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NebulaGraph 3.3.0 release notes


  • Optimized GO statement join performance. #4599 #4750
  • Supported using GET SUBGRAPH to filter vertices. #4357
  • Supported using GetNeighbors to filter vertices. #4671
  • Optimized the loop handling of FIND SHORTEST PATH. #4672
  • Supported the conversion between timestamp and date time. #4626
  • Supported the reference of local variable in pattern expressions. #4498
  • Added flags of experimental features, enable_toss for TOSS and enable_data_balance for BALANCE DATA. #4728
  • Stats log print to console when the process is started. #4550
  • Supported the JSON_EXTRACT function. #4743


  • Fixed the crash of variable types collected. #4724
  • Fixed the crash in the optimization phase of multiple MATCH. #4780
  • Fixed the bug of aggregate expression type deduce. #4706
  • Fixed the incorrect result of the OPTIONAL MATCH statement. #4670
  • Fixed the bug of parameter expression in the LOOKUP statement. #4664
  • Fixed the bug that YIELD DISTINCT returned a distinct result set in the LOOKUP statement. #4651
  • Fixed the bug that ColumnExpression encode and decode are not matched. #4413
  • Fixed the bug that id($$) filter was incorrect in the GO statement. #4768
  • Fixed the bug that full scan of MATCH statement when there is a relational In predicate. #4748
  • Fixed the optimizer error of MATCH statement.#4771
  • Fixed wrong output when using pattern expression as the filter in MATCH statement. #4778
  • Fixed the bug that tag, edge, tag index and edge index display incorrectly. #4616
  • Fixed the bug of date time format. #4524
  • Fixed the bug that the return value of the date time vertex was changed. #4448
  • Fixed the bug that the startup service failed when the log directory not existed and enable_breakpad was enabled. #4623
  • Fixed the bug that after the metad stopped, the status remained online. #4610
  • Fixed the corruption of the log file. #4409
  • Fixed the bug that ENABLE_CCACHE option didn't work. #4648
  • Abandoned uppercase letters in full-text index names. #4628
  • Disable COUNT(DISTINCT *) . #4553


  • Vertices without tags are not supported by default. If you want to use the vertex without tags, add --graph_use_vertex_key=true to the configuration files (nebula-graphd.conf) of all Graph services in the cluster, add --use_vertex_key=true to the configuration files (nebula-storaged.conf) of all Storage services in the cluster. #4629

Legacy versions

Release notes of legacy versions

Last update: March 22, 2023