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NebulaGraph Dashboard Enterprise Edition release notes

Enterprise Edition v3.2.4

  • Enhancement

    • Close experimental features by default when installing NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition 3.1.3 or 3.4.

Enterprise Edition v3.2.3

  • Enhancement

    • Hidden Backup&Restore page if the NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition version is above 3.3.0.

Enterprise Edition v3.2.2

  • Enhancement

    • Delete unnecessary public folders.
  • Bugfix

    • Fixed the bug that the RPM and DEB packages could not automatically register services with the Dashboard.

Enterprise Edition v3.2.1

  • Enhancement

    • Add NebulaGraph 3.3.0 version to download list.
  • Bugfix

    • Fixed the bug that the BR failed in NebulaGraph Community 3.3.0 version.

Enterprise Edition 3.2.0

  • Enhancement

    • Monitoring:
      • Added single-process metrics for each NebulaGraph service.
      • Optimized the disk monitoring.
      • Added some monitoring metrics for the Storage service.
    • Alert:
      • Supported configuring composite conditions. When both conditions are met, the alarm is triggered.
      • Optimized the disk alert.
    • Security:
    • Usability:
      • Adjusted the package structure. Make sure that the NebulaGraph clusters installed through the Dashboard are consistent with the package structure of the clusters deployed separately.
      • Displayed the operating system information of each node.
      • Supported modifying the port of the prometheus and alertmanager services.
      • Supported searching for monitoring metrics and viewing metric details.
      • Supported partitioning service run logs and setting log retention days.
  • Bugfix

    • Fixed the bug that the service page did not jump to the monitoring page when clicking the View button.
    • Fixed the bug that the baseline could not be set on the service monitoring page.
    • Fixed the authorization failure when importing the cluster.

Last update: March 22, 2023