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NebulaGraph Explorer release notes


  • Bugfix
    • Fixed the bug that the connection timeout and HTTP error 500 when connecting to a non-existent address.
    • Fixed the bug that the vertex properties could not be displayed on the canvas when randomly importing vertices.


  • Feature
    • Support edge aggregation. The edges with the same starting vertex, end vertex and edge type on the canvas are aggregated, making it clear which vertices have a lot of relationships. It also supports the computation of properties of aggregated edges.
    • Support schema drafting. The Schema is designed directly by dragging and dropping on the canvas. The vertex and edge relationship is more intuitive and supports applying the schema to a graph space with one click.
    • Support iFrame. You can embedding canvas into third-party pages by using inline frameworks.
    • Support custom icon library and edge style. Explorer has ten built-in icons for industry categories and supports uploading pictures as an icon.
    • Support nGQL template. Design the query statement template directly or make nGQL statement as a template in the console, and then directly call the template and fill in the parameters to query.
    • Support database user management. Manage database users visually, including creating and authorizing users.
    • Workflow added node2vec algorithm.
    • (Beta) Support OAuth 2.0 authentication. Users can log in to Explorer only after being authenticated by OAuth2.0 to ensure data security.
  • Enhancement
    • The Dag Controller is built into the installation package.
    • The welcome page provides some demo datasets.
    • Increases the drag effect of the vertex.
    • The console supports adding comments with //.
    • The favorites folder contents can be saved on the server.
    • Support searching graph space names in the graph space list.
    • The workflow prompts you to enter a missing parameter manually.
    • The help page provides introductory videos.
    • Workflow supports the configuration of resources on the page.
    • Added a white screen page for the crash.
    • Optimize page loading speed.
  • Bugfix
    • Fixed the bug that the right-click menu would not collapse automatically.
    • Fixed the bug that the canvas auto-scaling when adding filter criteria.
    • Fixed the bug that the canvas shook when switching to 3D mode with a large amount of data.
    • Fixed the bug that importing Int8/16/32 and fixed_string data failed.

Last update: March 22, 2023