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Planning the deployment

Before you start deploying service clusters of NebulaGraph on Azure, you need to have some knowledge about Azure and NebulaGraph, get your Azure accounts ready, and prepare your resources.

Specialized knowledge

The deployment requires a moderate level of familiarity with Azure services, especially Resource Group, Virtual Network (VNet), and virtual machines. If you're new to Azure, see Self-paced learning paths to learn the basics.

Account and permission

If you don't have an Azure account, create an account.

The account used for the deployment must have the permissions for the necessary Azure resources.

Resource quotas

Before the deployment starts, make sure that there are sufficient resource quotas for the deployment. The required resources for deploying a NebulaGraph service cluster are as follows:

Resource This deployment uses
Virtual Networks 1
Network interfaces Same as the number of virtual machines
Network security groups 3 to 5 (one group for each NebulaGraph service)
Availability sets 3
Virtual machines (NebulaGraph Dashboard hosts) 1
Virtual machines (NebulaGraph Explorer hosts) 1
Virtual machines (graphd hosts) 1 to 10
Virtual machines (metad hosts) 1 or 3
Virtual machines (storaged hosts) 1 to 100

The number of virtual machines used depends on the actual deployment architecture.

If the required resource quota is insufficient, request service quota increases first.

Last update: November 21, 2022