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Deployment Architecture

Creating a NebulaGraph service cluster in Azure Marketplace allows you to customize cluster components as needed. This topic describes the recommended deployment architecture for a production environment.

A typical cluster architecture in a production environment is shown in the following figure.

NebulaGraph on Azure deployment architecture

The preceding architecture sets up the following:

  • An Azure resource group where the Azure resources for deploying the NebulaGraph service cluster are deployed and managed.
  • A subnet in an Azure virtual network where the NebulaGraph service cluster is deployed.
  • NebulaGraph Meta Service, Graph Service, and Storage Service respectively supported by the metad, graphd and storaged processes. Each process runs in a virtual machine instance.
  • A NebulaGraph Explorer server for visualized exploration of NebulaGraph data.
  • A NebulaGraph Dashboard server for monitoring and managing NebulaGraph hosts.

Last update: November 21, 2022