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What is NebulaGraph Cloud

NebulaGraph Cloud (Cloud for short) is a set of on-cloud services that integrate NebulaGraph databases and data services, supporting one-click deployment on several cloud platforms. You can create a graph database within minutes, and quickly expand computing and storage.

Product features

  • NebulaGraph Cloud provides a pay-as-you-go and pay-on-demand subscription. You can create or stop NebulaGraph instances at any time according to your own business development, which shows the full flexibility of cloud services.
  • Integrated visualized database management tools Nebula Dashboard and Nebula Explorer. You can use them to import graph datasets, execute nGQL statements, explore graph data, monitor data, etc. Even without any experience in graph database operations, you can quickly become a graph expert.
  • You can connect to the database on cloud using a client such as Nebula Console without first accessing the cloud platform.
  • Access control. You can add database users with different role privileges to the specified graph space to ensure business data security.
  • Official support. You can quickly create tickets for technical support and consult problems you have encountered during use.

Product advantages

  • Flexible and efficient: You can quickly build a NebulaGraph database without purchasing physical servers, storage devices, computing, or network components. It only takes 5-10 minutes to prepare a complete environment for use.
  • High availability: NebulaGraph clusters use Raft to implement data redundancy backup with multiple server rooms in the same city to ensure the reliability of data, and the high availability of the cloud computing infrastructure and cloud servers.
  • Easy to use: Nebula Cloud provides online management of NebulaGraph clusters on the Web, and also provides corresponding visualized tools of NebulaGraph to help users get started quickly.

Last update: September 16, 2022