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Customize configuration parameters for a NebulaGraph cluster

Meta, Storage, and Graph services in a NebulaGraph Cluster have their configurations, which are defined as config in the YAML file of the CR instance (NebulaGraph cluster) you created. The settings in config are mapped and loaded into the ConfigMap of the corresponding service in Kubernetes.


It is not available to customize configuration parameters for NebulaGraph Clusters deployed with Helm.

The structure of config is as follows.

Config map[string]string `json:"config,omitempty"`


You have created a NebulaGraph cluster. For how to create a cluster with Kubectl, see Create a cluster with Kubectl.


The following example uses a cluster named nebula and the cluster's configuration file named nebula_cluster.yaml to show how to set config for the Graph service in a NebulaGraph cluster.

  1. Run the following command to access the edit page of the nebula cluster.

    kubectl edit nebula
  2. Add enable_authorize and auth_type under spec.graphd.config.

    kind: NebulaCluster
      name: nebula
      namespace: default
            cpu: "500m"
            memory: "500Mi"
            cpu: "1"
            memory: "1Gi"
        replicas: 1
        image: vesoft/nebula-graphd
        version: v3.4.0
              storage: 2Gi
          storageClassName: fast-disks
        config: // Custom configuration parameters for the Graph service in a cluster.
          "enable_authorize": "true"
          "auth_type": "password"

    To add the config for the Meta and Storage services, add spec.metad.config and spec.storaged.config respectively.

  3. Run kubectl apply -f nebula_cluster.yaml to push your configuration changes to the cluster.

    After customizing the parameters enable_authorize and auth_type, the configurations in the corresponding ConfigMap (nebula-graphd) of the Graph service will be overwritten.

Modify cluster configurations online

Cluster configurations are modified online by calling the HTTP interface, without the need to restart the cluster Pod.

It should be noted that only when all configuration items in config are the parameters that can be dynamically modified at runtime, can the operation of online modifications be triggered. If the configuration items in config contain parameters that cannot be dynamically modified, then the cluster configuration will be updated by restarting the Pod.

For information about the parameters that can be dynamically modified for each service, see the parameter table column of Whether supports runtime dynamic modifications in Meta service configuration parameters, Storage service configuration parameters, and Graph service configuration parameters, respectively.

Learn more

For more information about the configuration parameters of Meta, Storage, and Graph services, see Meta service configuration parameters, Storage service configuration parameters, and Graph service configuration parameters.

Last update: February 19, 2024