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Import tools

There are many ways to write NebulaGraph 3.4.0:

  • Import with the command -f: This method imports a small number of prepared nGQL files, which is suitable to prepare for a small amount of manual test data.
  • Import with Studio: This method uses a browser to import multiple csv files of this machine. A single file cannot exceed 100 MB, and its format is limited.
  • Import with Importer: This method imports multiple csv files on a single machine with unlimited size and flexible format.
  • Import with Exchange: This method imports from various distribution sources, such as Neo4j, Hive, MySQL, etc., which requires a Spark cluster.
  • Import with Spark-connector/Flink-connector: This method has corresponding components (Spark/Flink) and writes a small amount of code.
  • Import with C++/GO/Java/Python SDK: This method imports in the way of writing programs, which requires certain programming and tuning skills.

The following figure shows the positions of these ways:


Last update: February 19, 2024