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NebulaGraph 3.4.0 release notes



  • Support using GET SUBGRAPH to filter vertices.
  • Support using GetNeighbors to filter vertices.
  • Support the conversion between timestamp and date time.
  • Support the reference of local variable in pattern expressions.
  • Optimize job management.
  • Optimize the full-text index.
  • Optimize the treatment scheme when the pattern expressions are used as predicates.
  • Optimize the join performance of the GO statement.
  • Optimize the performance of k-hop.
  • Optimize the performance of the shortest path query.
  • Optimize the push-down of the filtering of the vertex property.
  • Optimize the push-down of the edge filtering.
  • Optimize the loop conditions of the subgraph query.
  • Optimize the rules of the property cropping.
  • Remove the invalid Project operators.
  • Remove the invalid AppendVertices operators.
  • Reduce the amount of data replication for connection operations.
  • Reduce the amount of data replication for Traverse and AppendVertices operators.
  • Modify the default value of the Graph service parameter session_reclaim_interval_secs to 60 seconds.
  • Adjust the default level of stderrthreshold in the configuration file.
  • Get the property values by subscript to reduce the time of property query.
  • Limit the maximum depth of the plan tree in the optimizer to avoid stack overflows.


  • Fix the bug about query plan generation and optimization.
  • Fix the bugs related to indexes:

    • Full-text indexes
    • String indexes
  • Fix the bugs related to query statements:

    • Variables
    • Filter conditions and expressions
    • Properties of vertices or edges
    • parameters
    • Functions and aggregations
    • Using illegal data types
    • Time zone, date, time, etc
    • Clauses and operators
  • Fix the bugs related to DDL and DML statements:

    • UPDATE
  • Fix the bugs related to other functions:

    • TTL
    • Synchronization
    • Authentication
    • Services
    • Logs
    • Monitoring and statistics


  • If you want to upgrade NebulaGraph from version 3.1 to 3.4, please follow the instructions in the upgrade document.
  • The added property name can not be the same as an existing or deleted property name, otherwise, the operation of adding a property fails.
  • Limit the type conversion when modifying the schema.
  • The default value must be specified when creating a property of type NOT NULL.
  • Add the multithreaded query parameter query_concurrently to the configuration file with a default value of true.
  • Remove the parameter kv_separation of the KV separation storage function from the configuration file, which is turned off by default.
  • Modify the default value of local_config in the configuration file to true.
  • Consistent use of to get property values, because it is necessary to specify the Tag. Using to access the property of a Tag on v was incorrectly allowed in the previous version.
  • Remove the column HTTP port from the command SHOW HOSTS.
  • Disable the queries of the form OPTIONAL MATCH <pattern> WHERE <condition>.
  • Disable the functions of the form COUNT(DISTINCT *).
  • Disable TOSS.
  • Rename Listener's pid filename and log directory name.

Legacy versions

Release notes of legacy versions

Last update: February 19, 2024