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Import command parameters

When the configuration file is ready, replace master-node-url and exchange-1.x.y.jar in this command and run it to import the data from the specified source into Nebula Graph.

$SPARK_HOME/bin/spark-submit  --class --master "master-node-url" target/exchange-1.x.y.jar -c /path/to/conf/application.conf

This table lists all the parameters in the preceding command.

Parameters Required? Default Description
--class  Yes None Specifies the entry point of Exchange.
--master  Yes None Specifies the URL of the Master node of the specified Spark cluster. For more information, see master-urls in Spark Documentation
-c  / --config  Yes None Specifies the path of the Exchange configuration file.
-h  / --hive  No false If you want to import data from HIVE, add this parameter.
-D  / --dry  No false Before data import, add this parameter to do a check of the format of the configuration file, but not the configuration of tags and edges. Do not use this parameter when you import data.

Last update: April 8, 2021