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USE Syntax

USE <graph_space_name>

The USE statement tells Nebula Graph to use the named (graph) space as the current working space for subsequent statements. This statement requires some privileges.

The named space remains the default until the end of the session or another USE statement is issued:

nebula> USE space1;
-- Traverse in graph space1.
nebula> GO FROM 1 OVER edge1;
nebula> USE space2;
-- Traverse in graph space2. These vertices and edges have no relevance with space1.
nebula> GO FROM 2 OVER edge2;
-- Now you are back to space1. Hereafter, you can not read any data from space2.
nebula> USE space1;

Different from SQL, making a space as the working space prevents you from accessing other spaces. The only way to traverse in a new graph space is to switch by the USE statement.

SPACES are FULLY ISOLATED from each other. Unlike SQL, which allows you to select two tables from different databases in one statement, in Nebula Graph, you can only touch one space at a time.

Last update: April 8, 2021