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Numeric Literals

Numeric literals include integers literals and floating-point literals (doubles).

Integers Literals

Integers are 64 bit digitals, and can be preceded by + or - to indicate a positive or negative value, respectively. They're the same as int64_t in the C language.

Notice that the maximum value for the positive integers is 9223372036854775807. It's syntax-error if you try to input any value greater than the maximum. So as the minimum value -9223372036854775808 for the negative integers.

Floating-Point Literals (Doubles)

Floating-points are the same as double in the C language.

The range for double is about -1.79769e+308 to 1.79769e+308.

Scientific notations is not supported yet.

Scientific Notations

Nebula Graph supports using scientific notation to represent the Double type. For example:

nebula> CREATE TAG test1(price DOUBLE);
nebula> INSERT VERTEX test1(price) VALUES 100:(1.2E3);

Last update: April 8, 2021