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Building With Docker Container

Nebula Graph has provided a docker image with the whole compiling environment vesoft/nebula-dev, which will make it possible to change source code locally, build and debug within the container. Performing the following steps to start quick development:

Pull Image From Docker Hub

bash> docker pull vesoft/nebula-dev

Run Docker Container

Run docker container and mount your local source code directory into the container working_dir /home/nebula with the following command.

bash> docker run --rm -ti \
  --security-opt seccomp=unconfined \
  -v /path/to/nebula/directory:/home/nebula \
  -w /home/nebula \
  vesoft/nebula-dev \

Replace /path/to/nebula/directory with your local nebula source code directory.

Compiling Within the Container

docker> mkdir _build && cd _build
docker> cmake ..
docker> make
docker> make install

Run Nebula Graph service

Once the preceding installation is completed, you can run Nebula Graph service within the container, the default installation directory is /usr/local/nebula/.

docker> cd /usr/local/nebula

Rename config files of Nebula Graph service.

docker> cp etc/nebula-graphd.conf.default etc/nebula-graphd.conf
docker> cp etc/nebula-metad.conf.default etc/nebula-metad.conf
docker> cp etc/nebula-storaged.conf.default etc/nebula-storaged.conf

Start service.

docker> ./scripts/nebula.service start all
docker> ./bin/nebula -u root -p nebula --port 3699 --addr=""
nebula> SHOW HOSTS;

Last update: April 8, 2021