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Configuration Persistency and Priority

Configuration Persistency (For Production)

When starting Nebula Graph services for the first time, Nebula will read the configuration file from the local (the default path /usr/local/nebula/etc/). Then all configuration items (including dynamically changed configuration items) will be persisted in the Meta Service. After that, even if restarting Nebula Graph, it will only read the configuration from Meta Service.

Getting the Configuration Locally (For Debugging)

In some debugging scenarios, you need to get the configuration from local instead of Meta Service. In this case, add --local_config = true at the top of the configuration file. You need to restart the services to make the modifications take effect.

Changing Method and Read priority

You can also modify Nebula Graph configurations with command lines (UPDATE CONFIG syntax) in Nebula console or the environment variables. The read priority rules are as follows:

For a configuration:

  • Default configuration precedence: meta > UPDATE CONFIG > environment variable > configuration files.
  • If set --local_config to true, the configuration precedence is: configuration files > meta service > environment variable.

Last update: April 8, 2021