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This chapter is for those who want to use Nebula Graph query language.

Example Data

The example data used in Nebula Graph query statements can be downloaded here. After downloading the example data, you can import it to your Nebula Graph database with Nebula Graph Studio.

Placeholder Identifiers and Values

The query language of Nebula Graph is nGQL. Refer to the following standards in nGQL:

  • ISO/IEC 10646
  • ISO/IEC 39075
  • ISO/IEC NP 39075 (Draft)

In template code, any token that is not a keyword, a literal value, or punctuation is a placeholder identifier or a placeholder value.

For details of the symbols in nGQL, refer to the following table:

Token Meaning
< > name of a syntactic element
::= formula that defines an element
[ ] optional elements
{ } explicitly specified elements
| complete alternative elements
... may be repeated any number of times

Last update: April 8, 2021