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History timeline for NebulaGraph

  1. 2018.9: dutor wrote and submitted the first line of NebulaGraph database code.


  2. 2019.5: NebulaGraph v0.1.0-alpha was released as open-source.

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    NebulaGraph v1.0.0-beta, v1.0.0-rc1, v1.0.0-rc2, v1.0.0-rc3, and v1.0.0-rc4 were released one after another within a year thereafter.


  3. 2019.7: NebulaGraph's debut at HBaseCon1. @dangleptr


  4. 2020.3: NebulaGraph v2.0 was starting developed in the final stage of v1.0 development.

  5. 2020.6: The first major version of NebulaGraph v1.0.0 GA was released.


  6. 2021.3: The second major version of NebulaGraph v2.0 GA was released.


  7. 2021.8: NebulaGraph v2.5.0 was released.

  8. 2021.10: NebulaGraph v2.6.0 was released.

  9. 2022.2: NebulaGraph v3.0.0 was released.

  10. 2022.4: NebulaGraph v3.1.0 was released.

  1. NebulaGraph v1.x supports both RocksDB and HBase as its storage engines. NebulaGraph v2.x removes HBase supports. 

Last update: February 19, 2024