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Basic operations and shortcuts

This topic lists the basic operations and shortcuts supported in Explorer.

Basic operations

Operation Description
Move a canvas Hold down left click and drag the canvas.
Zoom in or out the canvas Mouse wheel scrolls down to zoom in and up to zoom out.
Select one single vertex or edge Left-click a vertex or an edge.
Select multiple vertices and edges Hold Shift and left-click vertices and edges.
Batch selection Hold down right click and frame vertices and edges; Or Hold Shift and hold down left click, and then frame vertices and edges.
Move selected vertices Left-click the selected vertices and then move them.


Operation Description
Enter Expand
Shift + '-' Zoom out
Shift + '+' Zoom in
Shift + 'l' Display
Ctrl/Cmd + 'z' Undo
Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + 'z' Redo
Ctrl/Cmd + 'a' Select all vertices.
Selected + 'del' Hide the selected elements.
Selected + Shift + 'del' Hide the unselected elements.

Last update: February 10, 2022
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