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Deploy license

NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition requires the user to deploy a license file before starting the Enterprise Edition. This topic describes how to deploy a license file for the Enterprise Edition.


License is a software authorization certificate provided for users of the Enterprise Edition. Users of the Enterprise Edition can send email to to apply for a license file.


  • If the license file is not deployed, NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition cannot be started.
  • Do not modify the license file, otherwise the license will become invalid.
  • If the license is about to expire, send email to to apply for renewal.
  • The transition period after the license expires is 3 days:

    • If you start the Enterprise Edition within 7 days before the license expires or on the day the license expires, a log will be printed as a reminder.
    • The license can still be used for 3 days after it expires.
    • If the license has expired for 3 days, you will not be able to start the Enterprise Edition, and a log will be printed as a reminder.

License description

You can use cat to view the content of the license file (nebula.license). The example is as follows:

----------License Content Start----------
  "vendor": "Vesoft_Inc",
  "organization": "doc",
  "issuedDate": "2021-11-07T16:00:00.000Z",
  "expirationDate": "2021-11-30T15:59:59.000Z",
  "product": "nebula_graph",
  "version": ">2.6.1",
  "licenseType": "enterprise"
----------License Content End----------

----------License Key Start----------
----------License Key End----------

The license file contains information such as issuedDate and expirationDate. The description is as follows.

Parameter Description
vendor The supplier.
organization The username.
issuedDate The date that the license is issued.
expirationDate The date that the license expires.
product The product type. The product type of NebulaGraph is nebula_graph.
version The version information.
licenseType The license type, including enterprise, samll_bussiness, pro, and individual.


  1. Send email to to apply for the NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition package.

  2. Install NebulaGraph Enterprise Edition. The installation method is the same as the Community Edition. See Install NebulaGraph with RPM or DEB package.

  3. Send email to to apply for the license file nebula.license.

  4. Upload the license file to all hosts that contain Meta services. The path is in the share/resources/ of each Meta service installation directory.


    For the upload address of the license file for ecosystem tools, refer to the document of Ecosystem tools overview.

Last update: March 13, 2023
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