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Task Center

It takes a certain amount of time for you to make sure whether a cluster is created or scaled successfully in Nebula Dashboard Enterprise Edition. You can view the progress of such operations in Task Center. It displays the progress of ongoing operations and the history of complete operations.

The operations on clusters are defined as tasks in Task Center. Currently, there are two task types in Task Center, cluster creation and cluster scaling.

At the top navigation bar of the Dashboard Enterprise Edition page, click Task Center to view task information.

Running tasks

On the Task Center page, click Running Task to view the progress of tasks that clusters are being created or scaled.

  • Click a task name to view the ID, node name, type, create time, and operator of the running task.
  • Clink Task information to view task details.

Task history

On the Task Center page, click Task History to view all complete tasks.

  • You can filter historical tasks by status, type, date, and time.
  • On the right side of the target historical task, click Task information to view task details, and click Logs to view task execution logs.

Delete tasks

It is currently not possible to cancel running tasks or delete historical tasks.

Last update: January 14, 2022
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