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Nebula Go

Nebula Go is a Golang client for connecting to and managing the Nebula Graph database.


You have installed Golang 1.13 or later versions.

Compatibility with Nebula Graph

Nebula Graph version Nebula Go version
3.0.1 3.0.0
2.6.x 2.6.0
2.0.x 2.0.0-GA

Download Nebula Go

  • (Recommended) To install a specific version of Nebula Go, use the Git option --branch to specify the branch. For example, to install v3.0.0, run the following command:

    $ git clone --branch release-v3.0.0
  • To install the daily development version, run the following command to download the source code from the master branch:

    $ git clone

Install or update

Run the following command to install or update Nebula Go:

$ go get -u -v<tag>

tag: Specify the branch, such as master or release-v3.0.0.

Core of the example code

This section shows the core of the example code. For all the code, see graph_client_basic_example and graph_client_goroutines_example.

Last update: February 15, 2022
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