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What is Nebula Explorer

Nebula Explorer (Explorer in short) is a browser-based visualization tool. It is used with the Nebula Graph core to visualize interaction with graph data. Even if there is no experience in graph database, you can quickly become a graph exploration expert.



Explorer is only available in the enterprise version.


You can also try some functions online in Explorer.


You can use Explorer in one of these scenarios:

  • You need to quickly find neighbor relationships from complex relationships, analyze suspicious targets, and display graph data in a visual manner.
  • For large-scale data sets, the data needs to be filtered, analyzed, and explored in a visual manner.


Explorer has these features:

  • Easy to use and user-friendly: Explorer can be deployed in simple steps. And use simple visual interaction, no need to conceive nGQL sentences, easy to realize graph exploration.
  • Flexible: Explorer supports querying data through VID, Tag, Subgraph.
  • Multiple operations: Explorer supports operations such as expanding operations on multiple vertexes, querying the common neighbors of multiple vertexes, and querying the path between the start vertex and the end vertex.
  • Various display: Explorer supports modifying the color and icon of the vertex in the canvas to highlight key nodes. You can also freely choose the data display mode in dagre, force, and circular.


Authentication is not enabled in Nebula Graph by default. Users can log into Studio with the root account and any password.

When Nebula Graph enables authentication, users can only sign into Studio with the specified account. For more information, see Authentication.

Last update: November 10, 2021
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