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Welcome to Nebula Graph 2.5.1 Documentation


A new version has been released.

Nebula Graph is a distributed, scalable, and lightning-fast graph database. It is the optimal solution in the world capable of hosting graphs with dozens of billions of vertices (nodes) and trillions of edges (relationships) with millisecond latency.

Getting started

Other Sources

Symbols used in this manual


Additional information or operation-related notes.


Cautions that need strict observation. If not, systematic breakdown, data loss, and security issues may happen.


Operations that may cause danger. If not observed, systematic breakdown, data loss, and security issues will happen.


Operations that merit attention as for performance enhancement.


Common questions.


The compatibility between nGQL and openCypher, or between the current version of nGQL and its prior ones.


Differences between the Nebula Graph Open Source and Enterprise editions.

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Last update: November 3, 2021
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