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The DELETE EDGE statement deletes one edge or multiple edges at a time. You can use DELETE EDGE together with pipe operators. For more information, see PIPE OPERATORS.

To delete all the outgoing edges for a vertex, please delete the vertex. For more information, see DELETE VERTEX.


Atomic operation is not guaranteed during the entire process for now, so please retry when a failure occurs.


DELETE EDGE <edge_type> <src_vid> -> <dst_vid>[@<rank>] [, <src_vid> -> <dst_vid>[@<rank>] ...]


nebula> DELETE EDGE serve "player100" -> "team204"@0;

The following example shows that you can use DELETE EDGE together with pipe operators to delete edges that meet the conditions.

nebula> GO FROM "player100" OVER follow \
        WHERE follow._dst == "team204" \
        YIELD follow._src AS src, follow._dst AS dst, follow._rank AS rank \
        | DELETE EDGE follow $-.src->$-.dst @ $-.rank;

Last update: August 17, 2021
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