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Explorer console

Explorer console allows you to enter nGQL statements and import the query results into Explorer's canvas.


Ensure that you have selected a target graph space before using the Explorer console.

Enter nGQL statements

  1. In the left-side navigation bar, click console_input.
  2. In the input box of the console page, enter nGQL statements. For more information, see nGQL cheatsheet.
  3. Click the execution icon run.
  4. (Optional) Click history to view commands executed before.
  5. (Optional) Click clear to clear the current statement in the input box.

nGQL statement result display

In the lower area of the console page, the query results of the executed statements are displayed.

The results are displayed in the form of a table. You can click Export CSV File to store the data displayed in the table to your local drive.

The time taken to execute the statement in seconds (s) is displayed at the bottom of the table.

Import nGQL statement results to canvas

The query results can be imported to the canvas. Click View Subgraphs:

  • Insert After Clear: Clears the data on the canvas and imports the data of the query results into the canvas.
  • Incremental Insertion: Adds the data of the query results to the canvas based on the original data on the canvas. The same data will be overwritten.

Last update: June 22, 2022
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