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Quick start workflow

The quick start introduces the simplest workflow to use NebulaGraph, including deploying NebulaGraph, connecting to NebulaGraph, and doing basic CRUD.


Users can quickly deploy and use NebulaGraph in the following steps.

  1. Deploy NebulaGraph

    Users can use the RPM or DEB file to quickly deploy NebulaGraph. For other ways to deploy NebulaGraph and corresponding preparations, see deployment and installation.

  2. Start NebulaGraph

    Users need to start NebulaGraph after deployment.

  3. Connect to NebulaGraph

    Then users can use clients to connect to NebulaGraph. NebulaGraph supports a variety of clients. This topic will describe how to use Nebula Console to connect to NebulaGraph.

  4. CRUD in NebulaGraph

    Users can use nGQL (NebulaGraph Query Language) to run CRUD after connecting to NebulaGraph.

Last update: March 13, 2023
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