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Built-in date and time functions

Nebula Graph supports the following built-in date and time functions:

Function Description
int now() Return the current date and time of the system time zone.
date date() Return the current UTC date based on the current system.
time time() Return the current UTC calendar time of the current time zone.
datetime datetime() Return the current UTC datetime based on the current time.

The date(), time(), and datetime() functions accept three kind of parameters, namely empty, string, and map.


> RETURN now(), date(), time(), datetime();
| now()      | date()     | time()       | datetime()              |
| 1611907165 | 2021-01-29 | 07:59:22.000 | 2021-01-29T07:59:22.000 |

OpenCypher compatibility

  • Time in openCypher is measured in milliseconds.
  • Time in nGQL is measured in seconds. The milliseconds are displayed in 000.

Last update: March 29, 2021
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