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UPDATE VERTEX <vid> SET <update_columns>
[WHEN <condition>] [YIELD <columns>]

Use UPDATE VERTEX to update properties on a vertex. The UPDATE VERTEX statement only updates one tag of a vertex at a time.

Nebula Graph supports compare-and-set (CAS) operation.

NOTE: WHEN and YIELD are optional.

  • vid is the ID of the vertex to be updated.
  • update_columns is the properties of the vertex to be updated. For example, tag1.col1 = $^.tag2.col2 + 1 means to update tag1.col1 to tag2.col2+1.

    NOTE:  $^ indicates the vertex to be updated.

  • condition is some constraints. Only when the constraints are met, UPDATE is executed successfully. condition supports expression operations.
  • columns is the columns to be returned. YIELD returns the latest updated values.

Consider the following example:

nebula> UPDATE VERTEX "player100" \
        SET player.age = $^.player.age + 1 \
        WHEN $^ == "Tim Duncan" \
        YIELD $^ AS name, $^.player.age AS age;
| name         | age |
| "Tim Duncan" | 43  |

Last update: March 16, 2021
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