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This document gives some introduction to configurations in Nebula Graph.

For the path and usage of local configuration files for Nebula Graph services, see:

Get configurations

Most configurations are gflags. You can get all the gflags and the explanations by the following command.

<binary> --help

For example:

$ ./nebula-metad  --help
$ ./nebula-graphd --help
$ ./nebula-storaged --help
$ ./nebula-console --help

Besides, you can get the values of running flags by curl-ing from the services.

For example:

$ curl # From Meta
$ curl # From Graph
$ curl # From Storage

Modify configurations

We suggest that you change configurations from local configure files. To change configurations from local files, follow these steps:

  1. Add --local_config=true to each configuration file. The configuration files are stored in /usr/local/nebula/etc/ by default. If you have customized your Nebula Graph installation directory, the path to your configuration files is $pwd/nebula/etc/.
  2. Save your modification to the files.
  3. Restart the Nebula Graph services.


Remember to add --local_config=true to each configuration file.

To make your modifications take effect, restart all the Nebula Graph services.

Legacy version compatibility

The curl commands and parameters in Nebula Graph v2.x. are different from Nebula Graph v1.x. Those curl commands in v1.x are deprecated now.

Last update: April 22, 2021
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