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DELETE EDGE <edge_type> <src_vid> -> <dst_vid>[@<rank>] [, <edge_type> <src_vid> -> <dst_vid>[@<rank>] ...]

Use DELETE EDGE to delete edges. The DELETE EDGE statement deletes one edge or multiple edges at a time. You can use DELETE EDGE together with pipe. For more information about pipe, see Pipe operator.


nebula> DELETE EDGE serve "player100" -> "team200"@0;

This query deletes the serve edge from "player100" to "team200", of which the rank value is 0.

nebula> GO FROM "player100" OVER follow WHERE follow._dst == "team200" YIELD follow._src AS src, follow._dst AS dst, follow._rank AS rank | \
DELETE EDGE follow $-.src->$-.dst @ $-.rank;

This query shows that you can use DELETE EDGE together with pipe. This query first traverses all the follow edges with different rank values from "player100" to "team200" then deletes them.

To delete all the outgoing edges for a vertex, delete the vertex. For more information, see DELETE VERTEX.


Atomic operation is not guaranteed during the entire process for now, so please retry when a failure occurs.

Last update: April 22, 2021
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