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Nebula Graph 2.5.0 release notes


  • Support management of session. #280
  • Support terminate the slow queries, know issue: there is a delay in querying and terminating the query due to the implementation. #1152
  • Enhance the ability to extract the indices from expressions for the LOOKUP statement. #1188
  • Supports configuring machine memory watermarks to alleviate OOM issues to some extent. 1067
  • Support filter the edges in the FindPath statement. #1091
  • Support return structure of a graph without properties in the Subgraph statement.#1134
  • Improve the usage of the timestamp function. #515
  • Support for querying the version of each service. #944
  • Index and TTL can be supported together. #382
  • Support the creation of full-text indexes on specified properties. #460
  • Support make comment when create space or schema. #895
  • Support for full-text index rebuild. #1123


  • The Listener interface is optimized to support full data acquisition. #465, #484
  • The leader table of the meta is reorganized. #439
  • Add a DiskManager to check disk capacity. #461
  • Improve heartbeat of raft to avoid leader change. #438
  • Support concurrently go/fetch/lookup in storage. #503
  • Enhanced for the EXISTS function to the MAP. #973
  • Enforce the use of aggregate functions, such as COUNT(v)+AVG(v). #968

Bug fix

  • Fixed multiple statement execution problems caused by permissions. #1165
  • Fixed unwinding causing no results. #1018
  • Fixed crash problems caused by aggregation functions in some scenarios. #1015
  • Fixed index matching problems with OR expressions. #1005
  • Fixed case sensitivity of functions. #927
  • Fixed issue where query index creation information was not checked for Tag/Edge type. #933
  • Fixed a bug in the Substring function. #491
  • Fixed meta not returning leader change correctly. #423
  • Fixed an issue with LIMIT, ORDER, GROUP statements using variables. #1314
  • Fixed issue with the db_dump tool printing VID of the int type. #533
  • Fixed the issue that FAILE is still displayed after the Balance task is recovered. #528

Changes & Known issues

  • A little bit grammar change of Subgraph.
    # Add the WITH PROP keyword to the output property in 2.5.0.
    # The original syntax will only output the graph structure without properties.
  • We must use the symbol $-. in ORDER BY. But in earlier releases, there is no need.
    # We must use the symbol `$-.` in `ORDER BY` in 2.5.0.
    nebula> LOOKUP ON player \
            YIELD player.age As playerage \
            | GROUP BY $-.playerage \
            YIELD $-.playerage as age, count(*) AS number \
            | ORDER BY $-.number DESC, $-.age DESC;
    # There is no need to use the symbol `$-.` in earlier releases.
    nebula> LOOKUP ON player \
            YIELD player.age As playerage \
            | GROUP BY $-.playerage \
            YIELD $-.playerage as age, count(*) AS number \
            | ORDER BY number DESC, age DESC;

For the known bug/issue in 2.5.0, see issues.

Last update: September 2, 2021
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