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The DELETE VERTEX statement deletes vertices and the related incoming and outgoing edges of the vertices.

The DELETE VERTEX statement deletes one vertex or multiple vertices at a time. You can use DELETE VERTEX together with pipes. For more information about pipe, see Pipe operator.


  • DELETE VERTEX deletes vertices and related edges directly.
  • DELETE TAG deletes a tag with the given name on a specified vertex. When a vertex has only one tag, DELETE TAG deletes the vertex and keeps the related edges.


DELETE VERTEX <vid> [, <vid> ...];


This query deletes the vertex whose ID is "team1".

nebula> DELETE VERTEX "team1";

This query shows that you can use DELETE VERTEX together with pipe to delete vertices.

nebula> GO FROM "player100" OVER serve WHERE properties(edge).start_year == "2021" YIELD dst(edge) AS id | DELETE VERTEX $;

Nebula Graph traverses the incoming and outgoing edges related to the vertices and deletes them all. Then Nebula Graph deletes the vertices.


  • Atomic deletion is not supported during the entire process for now. Please retry when a failure occurs to avoid partial deletion, which will cause pendent edges.
  • Deleting a supernode takes a lot of time. To avoid connection timeout before the deletion is complete, you can modify the parameter --storage_client_timeout_ms in nebula-graphd.conf to extend the timeout period.

Last update: October 22, 2021
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