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Nebula Graph 2.6.0 release notes



  • Optimize the limit pushdown computation of index scan. #2905, #2823, #2796
  • Optimize the sampling at each step and the limit pushdown computation of the go statement. #2904, #2853, #2831
  • Optimize the YIELD data format. #2555, #2572, #2779, #2895, #2944
  • Enable prefix bloom filter by default to improve performance. #2860
  • Support server to verify client version to make sure the connection reliability (client version start from v2.6.0). #2965
  • Optimize flow control when pulling the entire partition. #2557
  • SHOW JOBS only shows SPACE related. #2872
  • Grant job permission for all roles except GUEST. #2928
  • Improve memory watermark detection. #2885
  • Support to kill the slow queries of storage. #2534

Bug fix

  • Fixed the bug that part of RocksDB data is cleaned when executing raftpart::reset. #2522
  • Fixed the bug that mismatched dates are inserted. #2527
  • Fixed the bug that setting millisecond failed but microsecond worked. #2781
  • Fixed the bug that the Meta service crashed when too much data (millions of lines) are inserted in batches. #2813
  • Fixed the bug that getting edges crashed when no edge schema exists in SPACE. #2571
  • Fixed the bug that GO with WHERE clause expression eval when the property data type is FIXED_STRING. #2762
  • Fixed the bug of FIND ALL PATH. #2773
  • Fixed the bug that users without roles have the permission to find all roles of SPACE. #2778
  • Fixed the bug of the CASE expression. #2819
  • Fixed the bug that the infinite loop is returned when using time(). #2820
  • Fixed the bug that the JOB is still running when the node is already shut down. #2843
  • Fixed the bug that INSERT statements may cause inconsistent property values between replicas in the case of multiple replicas. #2862
  • Fixed the bug that SPACE goes wrong when submitting job after USE. #3010
  • Fixed the bug that getting properties of the thrift structure failed when the column is not null. #3012
  • Fixed the bug that graphd is still running even if the meta service is not ready. #3069
  • Fixed the bug that dangling edge returns a null vertex when using FIND PATH WITH PROP. #3008
  • Fixed the bug that executing YIELD DISTINCT map crashed. #3051
  • Fixed the bug that the service can still start with a wrong ip/host. #3057
  • Fixed the bug that repeatedly modifying the same property in one statement returns an error. #3036
  • Fixed the bug that the multi-step filtering on edge is invalid. #3144

Legacy versions

Release notes of legacy versions

Last update: November 18, 2021
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